our philosophy

Hillary Thomas Designs represents a lifetime of compulsive obsession with design. From a major remodel to an overlooked objet d’art, we delight in bringing unexpected joy to life through great, attainable design.

It all starts with Hillary, the 8-year old little girl who stayed up well past her bedtime rearranging the family living room. This behavior followed her to college – within the first 24 hours of being on campus, she had completely decked and color-coordinated her dorm room (if we only had a picture of that…..).

This obsession with design finally found a home in Hillary Thomas Designs. Growing out of an LA-based traditional interior design business, Hillary Thomas Designs is an interior design, product and lifestyle firm that embodies a “Vintage Chic” style. This style is rooted in the 1950s which found a group of curious people with means and a fixation with style – the ‘Jetsetters’ – engaging new cultures like never before. They brought a deep respect for traditional manners and mores, which became infused with a layered, worldly, and sophisticated style. This juxtaposition of old and new brought about an entirely new design aesthetic and lifestyle that we just can’t get enough of.

To share our love of design with our friends, we’re connecting with the design community in many different ways. We hope you’ll have a look around our website (don’t miss our shop and blog!), join the fun on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and, above all, just drop us a line and tell us what’s inspiring you.


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