Artist We Love: Rachel Rogers

The stars aligned the day we discovered the work of San Francisco-based artist, Rachel Rogers. After ooh-ing and ahh-ing at her website portfolio, we were officially head over heels for her custom crests, stationery & invitations. Her whimsical & playful designs are simply irresistible – so it’s no surprise that her work has caught the eye of heavy-hitters like Vogue and Town & Country.

As it just so happened, Hillary was a week away from throwing a dinner party and was in desperate need of beautiful place cards & menus to complement her table. Working with Rachel was such a fun process and the results were picture perfect.

We recently caught up with Rachel to find out more about her process & what inspires her. Enjoy!

How did you first get into illustration and paper goods?

My background is in book cover design. As a professional book cover designer, I was constantly experimenting with the composition of graphics, lettering and illustration – on paper. I also did a lot of painting on the side. Eventually it seemed only natural to connect my professional skills with my personal artistic style and thats how Rachel Rogers Design was born.


What is your favorite part about working with your clients?

I love that my client’s interests, passions and personalities bring me down creative roads that I wouldn’t necessarily think of on my own. It makes every design such an adventure! In creating bespoke work, I get to incorporate personal details that truly represent the recipient, which means I’m always on my toes and constantly inspired. The most fun element of my work is its bespoke nature, and working with clients is what makes this possible.


In your opinion what are the essential paper goods needed for entertaining? Such as a dinner party…

Oh boy…well…an amazing invitation sets the tone for everything. That’s the most essential element. Placecards can add such beauty and a stunning menu is an absolute treat.


The menu & place cards Rachel designed for Hillary’s dinner party.


What inspires you most? How do you come up with your creative ideas?

My childhood in San Francisco, my summers spent in Stonington, CT and Martha’s Vineyard, my fulfillment by the outdoors and my love for all things summer certainly fosters my imagination. And then things at random…recently I felt very inspired by my grandmother’s wallpaper! I have a pretty active imagination so as a visual person, my designs often reflect how I take in the world around me. By the same token, my whimsical style speaks to how much fun I have creating work.


Tell us about one of your favorite projects?

Crest commissions for weddings, babies, birthdays etc. are so fulfilling to work on. Every time I finish a custom crest, I think it’s my favorite (seriously!)…until the next one comes along! For me, it never gets old. There’s so much joy and beauty in each custom crest, from the details of the design to the magic of the watercolors.Crest

Whether it is a dinner party, social gathering or wedding what would your advice be when choosing your paper good style?

My advice is to go with something that reflects your personality while still letting the beauty of the mediums (paper, ink, paint, etc.) shine through – that’s what makes any style extra special. Careful consideration will always result in something beautiful. And don’t get intimidated – there are lots of options out there, but it’s hard to go terribly wrong if you’re happy with your choices.


How do you make each piece cohesive with the overall event style?

When I start working on a project, I begin by identifying any specific styles I should lean towards. References are always helpful! I often request images, photos, color swatches, etc. — anything from wallpaper to a burgee flag to an image of a wedding bouquet. As long as my designs truly feel like they fit in with the references and over-all themes, cohesion happens naturally.

RR1__317 Logo
Check out Rachel’s website to see more of her work, or contact her to commission your very own design!

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