Color of the Moment: Yellow

We’re unabashedly obsessed with color & it seems we have a new favorite every week. Normally yellow isn’t something we gravitate to but lately we’ve been seeing it pop up in unexpected and chic ways. Like the cheery Presidio Heights breakfast nook designed by Palmer Weiss (see below) or the abundance of daffodils flooding the supermarkets right now. We’re hooked!

Not only is it the perfect complement to some of our other favorite colors like teal & pink but it just seems to exude happiness. So here’s a round up of our favorite yellow moments that are anything but mellow!


Breakfast nook designed by Palmer Weiss.


Beth Blake and Corbin Day’s colorful Sag Harbor home.


The powder room at Swanson Vineyards in Napa, CA.


Todd Alexander Romano‘s NYC apartment.


Paris duplex owned by the Stefano Pilati.


Who knew there were so many types of forks? Love this adorable guide!


A vintage bench upholstered in yellow velvet. Design by Hillary Thomas.


A spring floral arrangement with tulips & peonies.


“Mellow Yellow” finial from our new Spring collection! Pre-order here.

(all images via Pinterest)

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