Pantone 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

f671eea4bb9949ae1d7a186743b3676cWell hello there, perfect shade of pretty pastel pinky-purple. Last week Pantone announced the 2014 Color of the Year and the award goes to (drumroll) “Radiant Orchid”! We weren’t sure anything could top last years malachite-esque green but this comes dangerously close.

We’re absolutely loving the new “it” hue and can’t wait to start incorporating it into our interiors. (Spoiler alert: we’ll be debuting a new finial in this color very soon!) This is the perfect accent color to add a little POP and it pairs gorgeously with turquoise, dark green…even red! We also can’t wait to let it inspire our spring wardrobe and beauty regimen. It’s bold, feminine, yet still refreshing – everything we could ask for in our new color of the year!

841f6c559928e2db5feeac9c080e2d20The easiest way to bring this color into your home? Pick up an orchid from your grocery store or flower market and plant in a pretty container!

fd6a44f0d27c0bc3954ba53e2120e505Bookcases painted in a bold berry hue turn this cozy library into a glamorous retreat.

a02d3e9ae1b23573a2a72433190c7289We love this color incorporated into a dining room, like Miles Redd has done so brilliantly here!

2e5226c1529b632b80d2616ec15cb40eIt’s the perfect shade of pinky-purple that’s sweet enough for a little girl’s room, yet sophisticated so she can grow into it.

341212fca637489e7e7aab9cb849adbfA small amount goes a long way – like these upholstered seat cushions in this powder blue kitchen.

d7e72eb8c064c470393a57dd9e53c18cWe love how it pairs with jewel tones like red and brass in this chic little vignette.

42249ea4a9aa5a611c77b5231c9912a9Mixing different shades of purple gives this guest room a luxurious feel.

4af6e4cbbd06c13d17aad481f0c63b42How chic is this outfit?

7df3b7e3a2528c58863f6cb35ce54f14To add a little pop of Radiant Orchid to your home, top one of your lamps with our Maybellene finial!

(all images via Pinterest)

P.S. Follow our Pinterest board for more “Radiant Orchid” inspiration!

One response to “Pantone 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid”

  1. I really love this color was it custom made for you? I own a vintage store and sell chalk base paint , I would love to have this.


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