We’re Loving: Watercolor Wallpaper

You know how designers always say “You can do wonders with a fresh coat of paint”? We think that a few fresh rolls of wallpaper can put your paint to shame any day. Honestly, is there anything better than a quirky and colorful wallpapered powder room? Say no more.

While we’ll always love Scalamandre’s classic motifs, Meg Braff’s Palm Beach chic designs, and anything De Gournay, new and interesting wallpapers can sometimes be hard to come by. That was until we became acquainted with Black Crow Studios – a custom wallpaper company with a stunning line of “watercolor” wallpapers. This is not your average wallpaper, people!


Designer Wendy Schwartz is a fan and also sells their wallpaper through her site CuffHome. Here is a foyer she designed using one of their custom designs.




 The horizontal lines of this paper extend the hallway to create a beautiful path.


We love how it’s somehow modern, organic, and elegant all at once. It  also serves as a gorgeous backdrop for different architectural and furniture styles making it incredibly versatile.


(all images courtesy of Black Crow Studios, can also be found on our Pinterest)

The writing is on the wall…and it reads “CHIC CHIC CHIC!”

Xx Lexi

One response to “We’re Loving: Watercolor Wallpaper”

  1. Huge fan of watercolor wallpapers. They are so elegant and do a fantastic job of really adding to a room scene without necessarily dominating it.


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