C’est La Vivian Ducas!

Vivian Ducas’ cheery watercolor patterns first caught our attention while perusing Spoonflower, a terribly addicting website which sells unique printed fabrics from hundreds of different artists. The colors, the patterns, the “imperfect perfection” of all her work was right up our alley!

We quickly ordered dozens of swatches for our library and decided to reach out to the artist herself to discuss a possible collaboration. We were THRILLED to discover she offers her dazzling patterns in art prints at an even more dazzling price. We thought, ‘What a fabulous and easy way to add some color to your house for summer!’ and quickly curated a selection of our favorites to offer on our site.

Each gallery quality giclee print is comes on 7″ x 10″ archival paper (image 5″ x 8″). Just add a matted white frame and you’ve got yourself a fun and witty piece of artwork sure to add POP to any gallery wall!

Watercolor Zigzag – Teal

Watercolor Zigzag – Lemon

Watercolor Zigzag – Pink

Butterfly Dots

Clafoutis Papaya

Blue White Flowers

Beach Ball Stripes – Pink Sunset

Beach Ball Stripes – Blue Sky

Beach Ball Stripes – Orange Sunrise

And we just HAD to share Vivian’s story…so inspiring!

“While riding a bumpy bus touring around France, Vivian hand-painted watercolor postcards for her friends filled with colorful visual puns of cheese field fields…When the paint spilled and splatted she thought ‘oh well, such is life and such am I’…then signed her cards with a twist on a french phrase  ~ ‘C’est la viv’.”

One response to “C’est La Vivian Ducas!”

  1. Custom art and design for fabric and paper goods ~ loved by style makers, taste makers and print loving party people.


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