Crushing On: Sailormade (and a FAB Giveaway!)

We’re no strangers when it comes to embracing classic nautical style both in fashion and interiors. Who can resist the crisp breton stripes, rope accents, shiny brass details, and loads of navy? Not us.

So you can imagine our delight when we discovered Sailormade, a chic accessories brand inspired by classic marine hardware and the stylish world of sailing. Their line currently includes bracelets and necklaces made of authentic sailing rope and classic brummel hooks in polished brass and silver.  (See below for details about a FAB end-of-summer giveaway!!)

We recently got the inside scoop from co-founder James Ashton about their latest collection and what inspires him and his partner Carla Sinatra when creating new designs.

Tell us about your latest collection.

We’ve had great fun with expanding our core Brummell Collection of wristwear to include many new styles incorporating new rope colors and leathers.  This fall we’ve added hand braided leathers and a very special suede rope to the wrist wear collection all made in NYC.   In addition, our line now includes men’s and women’s belts which represent an exciting new direction for Sailormade, given our focus on utilizing authentic designs inspired by marine hardware and materials.

If you had to pick a favorite piece, what would it be?

Our D-shackle webbing belt in navy and our Brummel bracelet in “marine blue”, hand-braided leather.

What city inspires your designs most?

New York City and iconic New England sailing towns.  And of course hanging out on the deck of a sailboat.

Do you have a design philosophy?

We find an inherent beauty and timelessness elegance to designs found in the sailing world, from the polished brass hardware on a classic yacht to a sun-bleached breton stripe tee shirt. We felt that there was niche for a more sophisticated approach to nautical style, one that we like to call “marine modern,” which would appeal to both a classic and fashion customer. Often we find the execution of nautical style to be a bit clichéd, so we aim for a more subtle, stylized approach. We always start with original, authentic marine hardware and materials and then add some refinement to make things we are proud to sell and would wear ourselves.

Brummel “Leather Endeavor” Bracelet in Marine Blue

What are some of your favorite items in your home?

A chair I inherited from my Grandmother that I recovered in Paul Smith suiting fabric. My sixties kidney shaped coffee table that was in my father’s den for my childhood – glass top, wooden base looks a bit like the famous Noguchi coffee table with a quirky twist. Most importantly my working fireplace which is a special thing to have in a Manhattan apartment.

Who is your style icon?

For men’s style, who else but Steve McQueen.

What are some of your go-to sources for inspiration?

We love to find vintage images of people looking chic by wearing simple, great looking things that were designed to last (when life was more simple) while doing outdoorsy things like sailing.  Like the way JFK went sailing with a simple windbreaker and loafers.   I often buy vintage magazines down in Tribeca like old issues of Yachting, GQ and Harpers Bazaar.   However, most of our inspiration literally comes from collecting new and vintage marine hardware and materials like rope and sail cloth.  I do frequent many great blogs, sites but there is always a new one to draw inspiration from.  I currently love The Fancy.

What are some creative goals you have for the future of Sailormade?

We are excited to be building a lifestyle brand through expansion into other accessories, with an eventual eye to apparel. We aim to create smart, refined, and classic designs for customers who appreciate quality and see beauty in the details.

How will you be spending your last weeks of summer?

For Labor Day, I’m renting a small cottage on the Eastern CT shore.   I spent my summers there as a child so thought it was time to return for some peace and quiet and of course being near the water.


To celebrate the end of summer, we are doing a FABULOUS giveaway for one of Sailormade’s Camden Bracelets in green and pink! To enter, just write on our Facebook wall telling us what your favorite summer home accessory is and a winner will be announced September 12th.  Anchors away!

2 responses to “Crushing On: Sailormade (and a FAB Giveaway!)”

  1. I look all the time for wonderful nautical finds..what an awesome site as Sailormade! Beautiful nautical bracelets! I would love to own one of my own- one day! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a unique, beautiful bracelet!


  2. I love old nautical lights and glass. The bracelet is
    Gorgeous. I love the contrast of the navy and brassy gold!


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