Hillary’s Quick Tips for Refreshing a Room

OK…we know you all have those rooms in your home that are in need of a little pick-me-up. Rooms that really have all the right pieces, but are just missing a little life. Or perhaps, you are planning to completely overhaul the room, but that isn’t happening until your next bonus hits.  If you don’t feel like undertaking a major remodeling project, follow Hillary’s quick and easy recipe for refreshing a room!

1. Toss a colorful throw across a chair or sofa.

hillary thomas designs patterned throw
Hillary Thomas Designs


2. Switch out a standard white lamp shade for something fun and unexpected!

hillary thomas designs room with patterned lampshade
Hillary Thomas Designs

3. Add some bling with a finial – seriously it makes a difference. This small piece of hardware can actually change the entire personality of a room!

hillary thomas designs lamp with finial
Hillary Thomas Designs

While these small changes may not result in a completely different room, they may just be what you need to take things up a notch.  Hillary believes that a great home is a creative mix of high and low where the pillow you snagged at Target looks great perched on a fine antique chair. Find more inspiration in her portfoilo section at Hillary Thomas Designs.



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