The Gardens of Dawnbridge

Tony Duquette’s fantastical Dawnbridge has long been on my list of homes that I would love to visit. Dawnbridge is located in Los Angeles and was Tony and Elizabeth Duquette’s home for the majority of their married life. The house is an over the top expression of creativity, ingenuity and industry. There doesn’t appear to be an inch of the home that has not been embellished. The same goes for the garden which is a marvelous explosion of creativity.

The outdoor spaces are really like no others I have ever seen before. A perfect marriage of indoor/outdoor living  the home and gardens are an expression of pure creativity. You can almost feel the humm of Duquette’s mind buzzing with inspiration and ideas. It is feels as if his creativity can’t be contained within the confines of the garden walls.

Tony Duquette in his garden circa 1980.

  The Duquettes clearly did not embrace the concept of “less is more”. I imagine this dining area would be magical at night aglow with candlelight and hosting a group of Hollywood taste-makers gathered around the table.


The garden is host to many of Tony Duquette’s fantastical sculptures.

The sculptures “Winter Sun” and “Summer Sun” look like fireworks bursting above the garden’s many pagodas and bridges.

Duquette’s sculpture “Phoenix Rising” from it’s flames comes alive when lit at night.

Truly inspirational these photos make me want to head on out and add some wit and whimsy to my own garden!

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