Just Pin It, Baby!

Here is Hillary’s fun and ever changing office inspiration board. It’s got everything on it from dream jewelry to inspirational color combinations.  It even has a very fab monogram …


Now here is Hillary going high-tech with her virtual pinboards on Pinterest. They may not have the charm of the real thing, but they are full of great images that inspire Hillary and the whole crew here at Hillary Thomas Designs. In fact, pinning has become quite a thing with the team here in Brentwood … maybe too much of a thing. We can be caught cruising Pinterest throughout the day and often well into the night! Oh well, there could be worse vices.


Check out the Hillary Thomas boards and be inspired by the latest in chic living. Some of our favorite boards are “Ladies who Lunch“, “Vintage is the New Black” and “Wild Kingdom“. Click on over, have a look and share by re-pinning. If by some chance you still don’t know what this Pinterest thing is all about you can read all about it here.


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