Outdoor Party Idea – Movie Night!

Family entertaining can be a bit of a challenge. It can be difficult to create a party that is fun for both four year olds and forty year olds! How about a fun family outdoor movie night? Even in the age of having movies at our fingertips, an outdoor screening is still a novelty.

The party couldn’t be simpler to pull off. You can supply everyone with blankets and pillows for lounging or ask everyone to bring a folding chair. Set hurricanes lanterns around the perimeter of the viewing area for ambiance and a bit of low level lighting. Finally, a basket of flash lights are a nice touch if your screen is set far from the house.

The food is a non-cooks dream. Plenty of fresh popcorn, gourmet sodas and box after box of movie style candy is all you need… Enjoy!

From vintage chic to contemporary these back yards are ready for the film to roll:

Mindy Weiss


Apartment Therapy


What  movies would you choose for a family movie night? Leave a comment and share with all our readers.

5 responses to “Outdoor Party Idea – Movie Night!”

  1. I love your finials. Do any of them come in with a chrome base?


    1. Yes! We can make any finial with a chrome base. Once you place your order, just email or call us to let us know. Thanks!


  2. Got to be “Some Like it Hot” – works from little kids to grandparents…


  3. I absolutely love this idea. So fabulous!!


  4. A movie night is an awesome idea. We’ve tried it with the sheet in the tree, but didn’t work so well when there was a breeze. I am sure we’ll make this a party of many an outdoor party this summer. Thanks!


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