Outdoor Parties – Just add Light

We’re fortunate to live in southern California, so outdoor entertaining is a year round sport here (although we do require heat lamps!). However, if you live in cooler climates your outdoor entertaining season is just kicking in.  When it comes to outdoor entertaining often setting the scene is just as much fun as the party itself. Lighting is paramount for creating a festive outdoor dinner party. Liberal doses of outdoor lights and candles are a must!

You don’t have to worry about the food when your outdoor setting looks like this:

Country chic al fresco dining – Don’t put those tiny twinkle lights away after Christmas!

Apartment Therapy


We love this lighting display! You could easily recreate this idea with some bamboo poles and lanterns in a backyard or roof top deck.

Image via Pinterest


How gorgeous/genius is this?! What could be easier than filling canning jars from the super market with votives?

Symphonie Blogspot


Pergolas are a great addition to your backyard – this photo alone is reason to add one to your landscaping plan!

Image via Poppy Talk Blogspot


There is nothing more fun than a dinner party where everyone is squeezed in elbow to elbow. A long table set under the trees with a canopy of lights is magical. Don’t worry about matching china and glasses – the charm of this table is in the mixing and matching of plates and serving pieces.

Image via Pinterest


Hillary Thomas Designs can help you create fun and creative outdoor and indoor living spaces. With a mix of high and low plus the old and the new we make your home a unique space for living life well.


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