Summer Entertaining: Moroccan Glam

When Hillary celebrated a special birthday (we won’t tell which one), she went with a Moroccan theme for the evening. Bright colors, candle light, exotic textiles and 80 of her favorite gal-pals set the stage for an amazing evening. The bohemian glam look was perfect for a woman who isn’t afraid of color! It was also a great excuse to wear a beautiful caftan …

This is an easy party idea to duplicate for a festive outdoor soiree this summer.  You can easily take the idea and “run with it”  with a bit of creativity. Scour shops for some North African or South East Asian accessories, add in plenty of paper lanterns and layer on the textiles. The secret to creating a Moroccan glam look is don’t hold back – this is a time when more is more.

Of course the food was an important part of the evening. Delicious delicacies were called in from a local vegetarian Indian restaurant, and desserts were from LA favorites Yummy Baked Donuts and Bottega Louie (famous for their macaroons).  Also a signature vodka drink “Bombay Smash” was handed to guests when they arrived at the party. Needless to everything was a big hit!

Do you have any fun outdoor party ideas? Leave a comment and let us know!



2 responses to “Summer Entertaining: Moroccan Glam”

  1. Omgoooodness I loved that party!!!!!


  2. Great ideas – half the fun would be shopping for the nik-naks to decorate the tables and bufffets. The options are endless when you’re entertaining outdoors.


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