Insider tip: Hillary’s Bookshelves

Our readers loved the photos of Hillary’s children’s rooms so we thought we’d share a few more shots of  her Brentwood, California home. Bookshelves are often the focal point of the room and a great opportunity to make a design statement. Hillary’s bookshelves demonstrate that you don’t have to over-think or over-style these display areas – just have some fun.


This large bookcase is command central at Hillary’s house and it hosts everything from favorite kid’s DVDs to treasured travel mementos.


Yes … Hillary even has a pair of fabulous foo dogs in the mix!


Sweet children’s art is prominently displayed amongst treasured family photos and favorite books.

 Vintage emerald green planters add a spot of color and texture.


No color coded book arrangement here!  Books are constantly rotating positions and being casually placed here and there.


As you can see the chicest thing of all is keeping it real – a bookshelf filled with treasured items, favorite photos and piles of books is a true reflection of the busy, happy family that lives there.


Looking for some one of a kind items to add personality to your bookshelves? Try the Chic Shop!


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