Fab Ideas for Father’s Day!

Is it us or are men IMPOSSIBLE to shop for at times?  Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve made it our ‘chic’ mission to solve this debacle.

Here are some fabulous gift ideas for that ever-present man in your life.  The one who pays the bills, the one you call first when something needs fixing, the one who likes his scotch on the rocks.  He deserves something as unique as he surely is…so don’t even consider buying him another drab tie!

For the wine connoisseur: a nice bottle of red and vintage bar accessories
For the hole-in-oner: a vintage Courac golf tray and golf balls
For the mad man: a swanky vintage black ice bucket and a bottle of whiskey
For the bookworm: a stylish pair of ram bookends and a good read
For the life of the party: set of 8 faces glasses and a six-pack of beer
For the insomniac: My Boyfriend’s Back Initial Pillow and an iPad

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