Our Latest Obsession: EDGE Wallcoverings

If you don’t already know about EDGE Wallcoverings, you need too! We are absolutely obsessed with them!

In this case, EDGE cleverly stands for Exceptional Design Goes Everywhere, and we couldn’t agree more. EDGE makes images and transforms them into a chic wallpaper pattern, print or a myriad of other wallcovering options, and will even change the scale to suit your style and room. The EDGE website describes the product best:

“Original creative images fusing art, design, style and beauty that can translate in both commercial and residential settings. EDGE takes pride in working with each individual client to produce custom images to satisfy any design scheme, AD campaign or creative vision.”

Although EGDE offers many neutral wallcoverings, we can’t seem to take our eyes off the ones in teal and other bright colors (HELLO pink & green!).

Can’t you just imagine these patterns looking fab in Palm Beach chic décor? What do you think of the wallcoverings? You can probably tell that we LOVE them! XO

Images: 1 via Edge Wallcoverings Facebook page; 2-5 via edgewallcoverings.com

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