Elle Magazine’s Luxe ‘Holiday Gift Guide’

What girl doesn’t love flipping through magazines or scrolling through their websites to take in all the pretty pictures? (Guilty? So are we!) Here’s one mag slideshow not to miss: Elle magazine’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide came out last week, offering an array of fashionable present ideas for friends and family whose home and wardrobe are always in vogue.

We’re thrilled and honored that our small malachite bowls available from Chic Shop made Elle’s list! The photo they took is so fabulous, and they definitely pinpointed the bowls’ beauty and versatility:

“Use these emerald malachite bowls to organize jewelry and knickknacks on your vanity, or fill one with pink rock salt to punch up your kitchen table.” —Elle magazine

Be sure to look through the full gift guide to see all 84 of Elle‘s chic finds for this holiday season! You’re sure to find present ideas for friends—and maybe even a couple for yourself! XO

Photo via Elle

One response to “Elle Magazine’s Luxe ‘Holiday Gift Guide’”

  1. so exciting! Hope you have help shipping.


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