Shopping at the Round Top Antiques Show

This is Brenda Battista. I’m Hillary and Clara’s friend and tagged along for their buying trip to Round Top, Texas.  The Round Top Antiques Show is kind of a big deal.  Trust.  It’s like New York’s Fashion Week for the antiquing world.  It’s miles and miles of shopping heaven in two small towns called Warrenton and Round Top.  We’re talking over 2,400 dealers from around the world – in one place, at the same time, just waiting to sell me things.

Oh and it just so happens that Clara’s (Hillary’s business partner and home girl) family helped settle the small town of Round Top (population 90).  So along with this shopping extravaganza, we had ourselves a little history lesson and got to meet many of Clara’s kinfolk.

The Round Top posse – I’m on the left.

Day 1

Dinner at Scotty and Friends  where we have the first of many “Fiesta Salads” and fried green tomatoes.  Our waitress, Candy, encouraged us to go to Zapp Hall where the local cowboys go to let off some steam.  We enjoyed our first Shiner Boch beer in this festive little cozy.  It’s a hog-killin’ time, but we’re in bed by midnight because that is the curfew that Hillary has imposed.  She’s a real life ker-razy person about antiquing.

Here’s Clara’s cousin, Marian. She is High-LARIOUS, but sadly isn’t fond of mice.

Hillary and Clara with Scotty and Princess (who made a chocolate meringue pie just for us insane!)

Day 2

First stop was to vendors Marburger Farm and The Big Red Barn.

So much eye candy that I think I could pass out.  Or maybe it was the 105-degree heat. Oh… did I mention Texas was enjoying its biggest heat wave in 183 years?

A welcome retreat from the sweltering heat was this lovely air-conditioned tent featuring beautiful linens and inviting aromas by Pandora.  There was wine, frozen margaritas and a foot massager!!  This is Hillary and me getting the full Pandora experience…in bed. It was heavenly.  Hillary left with multiple down pillows and linens, and I left with a nice buzz and revived feet.

What’s up with all the roadkill in Texas?  Hillary saves a turtle on the way to have dinner at the Clara’s family farm with her dad, Barry and stepmother, Sis.  Moment of silence for the armadillo though.

Sis and Barry are lovely hosts and conversationalists, and we enjoy some delish Southern food and many a cocktail on the porch swing.  Good times.

Day 3

We get a tour of our new friend Jacquelyn Ditsler’s house and admire all of her gorgeous antiques.  Jacquelyn is a hoot and another one of Clara’s entourage.  I found this hand towel in her bathroom.

Bo with the Bus was one of our faves.  Next year he promised to air condition the bus and offer cold beverages.

More vendors.

They’ve got food trucks in Round Top too!

Time to leave Round Top so the girls can ship a whopping bounty back to Los Angeles (16 boxes to be precise).  You will love them so hard and want to buy every last piece.  Duh.  I offer you this sampling:

Day 4

HELLO Austin!

We stay at the San Jose on Friday night.  We give it 5 stars for the cool factor.  AMAZE coffee (Jos Coffee)!!!  We paint the town red.  We laugh so much I think I sprained my face.  We have ridiculous amounts of fun.  I wasn’t allowed to include those pictures, however.

Oh, and in case there was a relative or family friend of Clara’s we didn’t see on this trip, the next show is in April.

Bye y’all… Bren

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