Check Out Toujours’ Premier Issue!

Toujours, a fab new magazine in the world of online-only reads, recently launched its first issue, and we love that its pages are filled with eye candy. The mag not only centers on interior design and lifestyle, but also includes features and photos on art, travel, food and more. Their goal sets them apart from other exclusively online magazines, as they aim to “seek and share the ideas of attainable beauty”—no matter how small or large a noteworthy design detail or project may be, they explain.

Of course, we’d also like to extend a huge thank you to Toujours for featuring The Finial Touch in an AMAZING five-page spread in the premier issue! On pages 14-19, Toujours juxtaposes our finials with artwork in a layout better than we ever could have imagined.

And the sweetest part—their kind piece on why they love Hillary, which reads:

“Rooted in her belief that life is multicultural, multilayered and inspiring, Hillary harmonizes her clients’ lifestyles, tastes and beloved objects into a well-designed and highly individual living space.”

Be sure to visit Toujours Magazine and flip through the inaugural issue to take in breathtaking photos and fun articles. This is one you should definitely subscribe to! XO


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