3 Fab Tips for Mixing Patterns in Design

Many people shy away from mixing patterns in home décor, but—just like putting together a stylish ensemble in the world of fashion—interior design can be fun and playful. One of our fav shelter magazines, Elle Décor, did a great piece on “How to Mix Patterns Stylishly,” and we have to agree with many of their suggestions. Here are three great tips to keep in mind for expertly mixing patterns in design:

1. Start with a clean slate and work from there, like we did in this chic living space.

2. Don’t feel constrained to add pattern only with the usual accessories. Who says you can’t use a patterned lamp shade? As you can see, we love this idea!

3. Stay within a defined color palette and use shades with a similar level of brightness. It’ll all come together beautifully.

Here’s to having fun with decorating!

Photos: Interior design by Hillary Thomas Designs

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