Chic Shades: More Fab Lamp Accessories

We talk a lot about The Finial Touch by Hillary Thomas Designs, but who says chic lamp accessories should end there? Not us! We’re all for lighting that’s as stylish as it is functional, so we have tons of shades perfect for perching on your luxe lamps.

Better yet, we’re constantly updating our lamp-shade inventory at the Chic Shop, where you’ll find them made of cane, raffia and paper in a multitude of designs that touch on every color of the rainbow.

Is this coral-and-cream shade not to die for next to the complementary textiles and flowers in the space?

Just think of what you could do with shades like these!

Updating the look of a lamp is simple: Just switch out the finial, pop on a new shade, step back and enjoy! Here’s to bold lamps lighting happy spaces!

Images: 1 Design by Hillary Thomas Designs; 2-5 Available at Chic Shop

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