Look for Our Chic Boyfriend Pillows on One Kings Lane!

We have an EXCITING sale coming up on One Kings Lane, and we couldn’t wait to tell you about it! We love resting against husband pillows or bed rest pillows, but so many of them out there lack any sense of style and would detract from all our gorgeous beds

Well, not to worry. We decided the “bed rest pillows” all our grandmothers use to have needed a reinvention by Hillary Thomas, so we’ve put a chic spin on a time-proven idea, and we’re dubbing them our “BOYFRIEND PILLOWS.”

These useful and now fabulous pillows come in crisp white or cream diamond matelasse with lovely piping and a monogram to your specification that will coordinate with your already perfect bedroom. Now you can lounge in bed Elsie de Wolfe-style, sip tea, and read a book or check out a fab design blog on your iPad2.

The sale starts next week on Thursday, August 4—and what girl couldn’t use an extra boyfriend? 😉

3 responses to “Look for Our Chic Boyfriend Pillows on One Kings Lane!”

  1. I purchased two boyfriend pillows on the One King Lane website, but would like another one, preferably Ecru with Navy piping with the letter ‘Z’. Is there another place to find/purchase this pillow?


    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm for our Boyfriend Pillows! We can help you out…there are a few left. Please email me at clara@hillarythomas.com and we’ll take care of it! Cheers – Clara


  2. Would love to purchase one but missed the recent OKL sale. Can you help an obsessed fan?


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