Vintage Pilsner Glasses: Drinking Beer in Style!

Cheers to a chic drink! We have pilsner glasses in Chic Shop’s barware section, and now that we have some ourselves, we’re loving (read: obsessed with) drinking beer out of them! For those unfamiliar with different beer glass styles, Sam Adams has a humorous and helpful Beer Encyclopedia on its website, which defines a pilsner glass as:

“A tall, slender beer glass developed by beer lovers to show the beautiful pale golden appearance of the beer and to allow for a generous head.”

Now, back to the chic glasses we love. These vintage pilsner glasses with starbursts on them will up anyone’s style quotient while sipping on their favorite light brew.

And, if you’re anything like us, you’ll really enjoy feeling fancy drinking out of them! They measure 3 inches in diameter and 8.5 inches in height.

Hostesses looking to serve beer to friends can enjoy carrying said pilsner glasses on an equally chic tray or placing them on a vintage bar table. What’s your current brew of choice?

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