Needlepoint Brick Doorstops for a Preppy Chic Home

The preppy chic look is back, and we’re aiding the movement with our needlepoint brick doorstops, now available from the Chic Shop in L.A.!

Yellow Needlepoint Bargello Brick Doostop
Pink Needlepoint Bargello Brick Doorstop
Blue Needlepoint Bargello Brick Doorstop

These are a fabulous replacement for the industrial and unsightly doorstops found in stores today, and let’s face it: Sometimes we need to keep the door open, whether to let in a light breeze or to carry something in or out. But who says we can’t be chic while having the door stay open for a little while? We think all of life’s little necessities can be made chic—right down to waste paper baskets, planters and doorstops.

The needlepoint doorstops are hand-embroidered and hand-assembled, and measure 10 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 3 inches in height. Here’s to stylish doorstopping!

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