Fun with the Girls Makes Work More Like Play

Who says work can’t also be play? We love designing interiors for anyone, but doing it for friends is just the best, which is why we so enjoyed helping our friend Mary Alice Haney get her Pacific Palisades home just right for her. Mary Alice is a very talented fashion guru who’s super stylish, but she says she doesn’t feel quite as confident in her eye for interior design as she does in her eye for the perfect dress.

So along with designer friend Kristen Hutchins, we helped Mary Alice transform her Spanish-style house from the 1930s back into a place reminiscent of its original character and of Mary Alice’s personal style.We of course shopped the Dixie Highway in Palm Beach and discovered numerous amazing finds, including the foo dogs now happily at home in her living room!

California Home + Design’s July/August issue covers the beautiful, colorful home, which exudes global flair while also showcasing comfortable and homey design. You can view the story in the digital issue online—just flip to page 108!

Photos by Grey Crawford via

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