Dorothy Draper, Queen of Chic and Stylish Spaces

My design icon is Dorothy Draper, a very fun and hilarious character. Dorothy essentially started the entire interior design industry, and bravely embraced color in a time when neutral décor was the norm.

And what good-looking room doesn’t have a splash of color?

This queen of interior design followed a fabulous philosophy, which she puts so brilliantly: “I believe in doing the thing you feel is right. If it looks right, it is right.” And her designs are inspirational and timeless. A perfect example: this Dorothy-designed bureau, which is still dressing up many a modern room today.

(By the way, for more modern examples of Dorothy-inspired rooms, be sure to visit this Houzz ideabook: “What Would Dorothy Draper Do? How to Channel America’s Most Fabulous Decorator.” LOVE it!)

If I could choose one interior designer to work with on a project, I would choose Dorothy Draper hands down. I’d love to see what new and outrageous things we could come up with together for this era of design!

Photos: 1-4 via; 5 Vanessa De Vargas via Houzz

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