The Finial Touch: Lucky Madame Chiang Collection

We’ve just launched our new Asian-inspired collection for The Finial Touch lamp finials…The Lucky Madame Chiang Collection.  We decided to name them after Soong May-ling (aka Madame Chiang) because she was such an inspirational and CHIC woman!

Born in China in 1898 and later educated in the U.S, Soong May-ling was one remarkable woman. She was married to Chiang Kai-shek and was heavily involved in Chinese politics, becoming the First Lady of the Republic of China and even starting the New Life Movement. This movement strove to counter Communism ideology with a mix of Western Christianity, Confucianism, nationalism and authoritarianism.

Life magazine recognized Madame Chiang as the “most powerful woman in the world,” and George W. Bush also praised her, saying:

“Madame Chiang was a close friend of the United States throughout her life, and especially during the defining struggles of the last century. Generations of Americans will always remember and respect her intelligence and strength of character.”

She was beautiful, courageous, stylish, influential and forward thinking. She spent her last years living in New York City until 2003, when she passed away at age of 103! Lucky Madame Chiang is very accurate!

Here are a few of our favorites from the Lucky Madame Chiang. These pieces are sure to add a chic oriental flair to your favorite lamp:

We’re so excited about announcing our Lucky Madame Chiang Collection! Be sure to check out the rest of these Asian-style finials!

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