Cambodia’s Design Renaissance

We always find inspiration for our clients and products from jaunts to exotic places. At the top of our travel wish list is Cambodia. Though rarely thought of as a style hub, Cambodia is currently going through an exciting and promising design renaissance. We love the piece Trend Central recently did on Cambodia featuring trendy new brands and Cambodian venues, and they’re right up our alley. Here’s what you need to know:

Push Pull Cambodia is offering handmade ikat textiles (did you know Cambodia has been producing this hot pattern since the 19th century?) for fab accessories like pillows and totes set to come out in September this year.

We love the retro look, and 1961—a “hotel/gallery/boutique/café”—has an interior design look inspired by that era. According to Trend Central:

“The rooms are inspired by everyone from the Norodoms (who ruled Cambodia then) to the Kennedys, decked out with artwork that reflects each space’s namesake. For more art, there’s a gallery with constantly rotating exhibitions.”

These lime green chairs inside 1961 are to die for!

And another Cambodian venue with a numeric name, The 240 in Phnom Penh is a boutique hotel and gallery. Hot pink seating? Yes, please!

Plus, the street The 240 is located on has shops aplenty. Isn’t this cultural shift in Cambodia neat?!

Stay tuned for more posts about our wonderful travels and adventures in our Wanderlust series.

Images: 1 via; 2 via 1961 on Facebook; 3 via

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