Why the Name ‘Happiness is a Pink Foo Dog’?

Friends! We are so excited about our new blog and hope you’ll find it inspiring (that’s our mission – to be INSPIRING!).

You may be wondering about the name ‘Happiness is a Pink Foo Dog”.  If you know me even a little bit, you know that my favorite color is pink and that one of my favorite things on this earth is a beautiful pair of foo dogs (just take a look at how many we have at Chic Shop).

So here is what happened, I was at the Alameda Flea Market with my friend and partner (business, that is), Clara Hendon, hunting for treasures for Chic Shop when we stumbled upon one of my greatest finds ever…PINK FOO DOGS. The heavens opened and I found myself elated and happier than I’ve (almost) ever been. Who knew that pink foo dogs could have that affect on a girl?! And that is when it struck me, this universal truth, that happiness really is a pink foo dog. And thus a blog name was born!

If you’re swooning over these pink foo dogs as much as we are, be sure to check out all the decorative foo dogs available at the Chic Shop! Although, please be forewarned, the pink foo dogs I found are NOT FOR SALE!

But these are:

Antique Stone Foo Dogs
Pair Soapstone Foo Dogs



2 responses to “Why the Name ‘Happiness is a Pink Foo Dog’?”

  1. What a tease, those foo dogs rock! Love the new blog…happiness really is in a pink foo dog!


  2. […] Foo Dogs. Her blog is even named “Happiness is a Pink Foo Dog” after a precious pair of pink foo dogs she found while thrift shopping. Thomas pulls many of the pieces she uses in the homes she designs […]


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